Community Partnerships

Nulli is proud to support and strengthen the communities in which we live and work. As a company we commit our time and energy to support this goal.

Our community focus


Nulli supports communities where we live and work. We build partnerships with organizations who share our vision and values; and work to make our community a better place to live.

Employee Engagement

Nulli recognizes and encourages employee volunteering through volunteer days and team-building events that help build stronger communities.


Nulli has a donation matching program in support of charities of interest to our individual employees.

Our Community Partnership

In 2013, we selected Calgary’s Aspen Family Services to provide focussed financial and volunteer support. Aspen’s goal is to support people to break the cycle of poverty and create sustainable livelihoods – for life. We are helping Aspen reach this goal.

Our financial support is directed specifically to research and outcomes management. Looking back and evaluating expectations and outcomes while looking forward, acknowledging the changing needs of Calgarians takes time and energy but is key to building the best support for those people in need.

The Aspen Story

Aspen’s purpose is to partner with people (program participants, funders, donors and community organizations) to unlock potential and transform lives.

Aspen has been working with vulnerable children, youth and families in Calgary and surrounding areas for almost 35 years. To affect sustainable impact in our work with individuals and communities, we need to prioritize engagement by connecting with the people we support; understand their individual and collective experiences as well as the uniqueness of the population and work to remove barriers to well-being. When people are engaged and feel respected, they are able to focus on their goals thus allowing us to partner with them and assist in building their capacity towards sustainable change. Aspen teams provide integrated service delivery in the following areas: Youth, Families and Community.

Other Organizations Supported by Nulli

Calgary Pro Musica

Nulli supports bringing culture to the youth of Calgary by sponsoring the eventful annual Family Concerts. Calgary Pro Musica encourages and celebrates chamber music.

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