Leadership Team

Derek SmallDerek Small

Innovation Sponsor & CEO
Derek facilitates team innovation in support of advanced identity and access management concepts and solutions. He is the company sponsor for bringing to market leading technology supportive of our partners and our clients. Derek defines success for his team by their ability to provide optimal solutions that deliver beyond the expectations of our clients and the partners they work with.

Richard DeyholosRichard Deyholos

VP Professional Services
At his core, Richard cares about people. This means that his attention to client service exceeds the expectations of his technology-focused clients. Richard knows where our consultants excel and what they like to do and when they will need support achieving client success. This translates to project success, very loyal long-term client relationships and a strong supportive employee team.

Barb GoslingBarb Gosling

Managing Partner
Barb has a wide breadth and depth of knowledge and experience at the executive table. Barb always looks to do the right thing for our employees, clients and partners which translates into doing the right thing for Nulli.

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