Newly Brewed

At Nulli, it is a part of our culture to create and innovate. We want our team to challenge themselves but also to have fun. We foster creativity and innovation. Our technical skills and abilities are more than just a job – they are something that we are passionate about.

Some things we are working on…..


When presented with a simple, “Let’s make a beer fridge project” for the office we couldn’t pass up applying a few identity bells and whistles. Why let just anyone come along and have a beer when we could use ForgeRock Access Manager with an access token to control pour permissions based on the user’s social connectedness. So we gutted an old Sun Microsystems Workgroup Server 450 and added refrigeration, kegs, draft taps and custom made draft handles married to 4 raspberry pi’s running the ForgeRock Identity Platform and a Neo4j graph database to manage the authorization policies. See the following blog entries for more pictures and details of how it played out traveling a few thousand kilometers to its debut at the ForgeRock Summit in San Francisco.  nullibrew 450 identity project   and  nullibrew 450 post ForgeRock Unsummit


Identity Pi

Why create a pilot demonstration identity deployment when you can create the same running on a series of Raspberry Pi servers? So that is what we did by loading up the lightest footprint IAM software from ForgeRock to run a redundantly failed over LDAP OpenDJ with OpenAM and OpenIDM to register visitors to our booth at a ForgeRock Summit. It worked great and looked even better mounted in a picture frame with the architecture as the backdrop.

IAM in a Graph

Graph you say? You bet! Nulli innovators saw the potential for a game changing representation of identity relationship management back in 2012 and have moved it from theory to practice.

The Neo4j graph database is our graph database of choice. Neo4j scales and performs like no other graph databae. Neo4j created the open sourced power of the Cypher query language. Nulli has developed Cypher integrations that extend the capabilities of the ForgeRock Platform.

The Nulli “brewed” plug-ins for ForgeRock AM and for their IDM products reduce cost and complexity as you deploy IoT and or CIAM systems.

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