Nulli pioneered the concept of “the relationship is the policy” for identity relationship access management. We are your experts for developing and implementing solutions that manage and secure people and things based on their relationships to one another. Our digital world has realized that identity relationship management (IRM) is key to securing Internet of Things (IoT) in addition to Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM). The investment Nulli has made into creating a deep integration of the Neo4j graph database with the ForgeRock Identity Platform allows you to secure authorization for every person and every thing based on their unique digital relationships.  

Our Offerings

  • Graph – IAM – IoT integration and deployment and dashboard tools
  • Neo4j graph based authorization policy management
  • Neo4j graph based role management for IAM
  • IAM strategy, deployment roadmap and assessments

About Neo4j

Neo4j is an internet-scale, native graph database that leverages connected data to help companies build intelligent applications that meet today’s evolving challenges including machine learning and artificial intelligence, fraud detection, real-time recommendations and master data. As the #1 platform for connected data, Neo4j has over three million downloads, the world’s largest graph developer community, and thousands of graph-powered applications in production.

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