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“CIAM and IRM, the reality behind the acronyms” – presentation at Identiverse 2019

Nulli - Identity Management's Alexandre Babeanu will be speaking at hashtag#identiverse 2019 in Washington, DC on the topic of: "CIAM and IRM, the reality behind the acronyms" Identity relationships carry context and meaning that can be used to make authentication and authorization decisions. Relationships are most relevant in the fields of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and Identity Relationship Management (IRM).
Derek Small 19/06/2019
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Neo4j Interview with Alex Babeanu

Our partner, Neo4j, interviewed our very own Alex Babeanu about his work in designing solutions for clients and why he feels graphs and AI will be important moving forward. Check…

Lisa Gryschuk 26/02/2019
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Overview of Privacy & Security Conference – Victoria 2019

Nulli was proud to be a sponsor of the 2019 Privacy & Security Conference in Victoria. Check out our summary of this event.

Kim Friesen 21/02/2019
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Exciting Changes for Our Community Engagement Partner, Aspen

Aspen has undergone some exciting changes!

Lisa Gryschuk 08/02/2019
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Come Meet us at the Privacy and Security Conference – Feb 6-8, 2019

Nulli is pleased to be a sponsor of the 20th Annual Privacy and Security Conference held this February 6 -8th 2019 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.   Please drop-by our table and engage us with your views on privacy, security, digital identity and what you like most about attending the conference.   Oh, and snag some Nulli swag!   See you there soon.

Derek Small 16/01/2019
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Nulli Sponsors Beiseker Blazers

Nulli supports communities where we live and work and is proud to sponsor the amateur athletes of the Beiseker Blazers.

Lisa Gryschuk 17/12/2018
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Nullli Sponsors University Of Calgary Swim Club

Nulli Gives Back to Our Community.

Lisa Gryschuk 12/12/2018
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Cloud vs On Prem Identities and Virtual Directories

We are excited to announce that our very own Alex Babeanu has organized yet another Digital Identity Meetup in Vancouver.   Come to this event to hear Mark Wilson and Nicklaus…

Lisa Gryschuk 05/12/2018
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Calgary Food Bank 2018

Nulli is proud to support and strengthen the communities in which we live and work. As a company, we commit our time and energy to support this goal. On Nov.…

Lisa Gryschuk 29/11/2018
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Using GraphQL for Digital Identity & Access Management

Alex Babeanu, a Senior Identity Specialist at Nulli, gave a presentation on Using GraphQL for Digital Identity & Access Management at GraphConnect in New York in September 2018. The presentation…

Lisa Gryschuk 26/10/2018
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