Access Server SDK on IIS5 / IIS6

Dave Bennett 28/03/2006

One of the simplest things you should ever need to do with COREid in to install the Access Server SDK and access its functionality via ASP or ASP.NET on IIS6.

The key word here is should.

Sometimes you do everything right:

  • Install the binary (theoretically no location requirement)
  • Create the AccessGate profile
  • Associate the profile with an Access Server
  • Run configureaccessgate.exe
  • Add %OBACCESS_INSTALL_DIR%\oblix\lib to the PATH
  • Register the DLLs

And then something like:


< %
dim accessgate
Set accessgate = CreateObject(“Netpoint.ObAccessAPI”)
Response.Write “If you see this, all is well”
% >

should run without error. Should.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

We’ve seen a couple of instances lately (7.0.2 / IIS6) where things just don’t pan out. The error code that shows up in the IIS logs is 80010105 and in the browser is Error ‘80010105’. Some googling reveals this is generally, maybe, a network security/permission problem. However, that is not the case with the AccessServerSDK. Upon turning up the log levels on the AccessGate we discovered file system permission errors. Not by what showed up in the oblog.log, but by what did not. Specifically, the log write could not initialize (FileLogWriter::initializeWriter() is the source of the error in the event viewer). This was the first clue that the problem was related to file permissions. The local IWAM account did not have the necessary permissions to write to oblog.log. Once this was corrected, oblog.log started logging and revealed that there still was not sufficient permission to create the necessary lock files.

So, if you run into something like this – check your FS security on AccessServerSDK/oblix.

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