COREid Dual Transport Mode Operation

Dave Bennett 04/04/2006

There is a little known, unsupported feature of COREid that allows server components to listen in two transport modes at once: either open/simple or open/cert. I had the good fortune of discovering this feature about 5 years ago. I had to convert a live production system that was installed in open mode to cert mode. We were looking at taking downtime to do the change, but by pure chance I stumbled across another solution. I had reconfigured an identity server component, to listen in cert mode and it was late a night and I forgot to switch the transport mode in the COREid UI to cert from open. I started the identity server without making the switch and tested the port to see if it was listening in cert mode. When you telnet to the identity server port it responds with the mode in which it is listening.

I was expecting to see the word


but what I saw instead was


This was a welcome surprise for us. It meant that we could convert the identity and access servers one at a time to listen in both modes without taking the entire service down. Then after giving all of the application owners sufficient time to reconfigure their Webpasses, WebGates and AccessGates we could turn open mode off (by switching the transport in the UI to cert). This worked very effectively.

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