Creating Custom Style Shared Folder

Dave Bennett 03/11/2006

When creating a custom style for Oracle Access Manager (formerly COREid) the product creates a localized directory for you in the default language, but all of the files in the localized copy point back to the main style sheets in the shared directory. In order to keep the vanilla sheets for style0 (Classic Style) intact it is advisable to create a duplicate shared directory (i.e. newstyle_shared).

In order to let this all hang together, however, one must update all of the references in the new styles localized directory (created by the product as part of the new style function) so that they point to the new shared directory (created by you).

As there are many files to update it is adviseable to use a batch search and replace tool for this task.

On a unix system with perl installed this is a very easy proposition. The following command will suffice…

However, on windows it is a little trickier at the windows shell does not like the *.xsl reference. Therefore, a small change is required to make it work in the windows shell…

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