Horizontal Migration of COREid Configuration Data


The professional services consultants at Nulli Secundus live and breathe COREid on a day to day basis. And we do so in a wide variety of customer environments. It goes without saying that we are always learning and improving the patterns we employ to achieve success with Oracle COREid Identity and Access.

One common customer question that comes up with every engagement is, “How do we move this stuff?”. Meaning- “We’re following best practices by staging our environments but we don’t see a good way to move development to quality assurance, and quality assurance to load testing and on to production…”.

Pam Dingle started working on this problem at Nulli Secundus some time ago. Janelle Jowsey took me under her wing as she turned Pam’s invention into a software product that worked magic on COREid configuration across staged tiers. The result of all this thought and effort is the fact that there is literally nothing we do not know about the inner workings of the COREid configuration data.

At this point in our history with COREid we know exactly how it should be deployed and staged, and we have the knowledge and tools to efficiently migrate COREid configuration data across enviroments. We can demonstrate perfection in the movement of any Identity or Access application configuration data and we can do so measured in a scale of minutes.

We’re in the process of formalizing the ways that we can share our knowledge and tools most effectively with the COREid customer population. Watch for more information on our web site coming in the second quarter of 2006.

If you’re really keen to put an effective system around this challenge in your environment and you want a hand in shaping some of the stuff we’re working on, please get in touch with us. We’d be pleased to talk with you and would welcome your input.

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