Nulli – Lending a helping hand for flood recovery in Calgary

Lisa Gryschuk, Derek Small 04/07/2013

On June 21, 2013, Southern Alberta was hit with devastating floods – the impacts both financially and emotionally will be felt for years.  Despite being a relatively small team, the flooding has impacted all of us at Nulli.  Some of our colleagues were temporarily evacuated from their homes, seeking shelter with colleagues, friends or neighbours until the dangers had passed.  Others had to stay evacuated until waters subsided, power was restored and cleaning out of contaminated belongings could be completed.  Yet others have family and friends who have had their homes and possessions completely destroyed and live day-to-day while they wait on flood policy and recovery decisions to determine their next steps for getting themselves into a home.

Flooded Neighbourhood – Sunnyside

…devastating floods – the impacts both financially and emotionally will be felt for years

The magnitude of the destruction is overwhelming and it is hard to comprehend the amount of resources that will be required to rebuild.  For many, the decision to rebuild or move out of flood prone areas will be uncertain for weeks to come as government guidelines and other factors come to fruition.

During these challenging times, Nulli has encouraged employees to give of their time wherever they can and to take time away from work to do so.  Our team has definitely been helping out in a multitude of ways.  Bringing their sweat labour, shovels, pumps, generators, fans, pressure washers, wrecking bars and bottomless energy, the Nulli team has placed their hearts on the line for anyone in need of a hand.  Everyone wants to help and everyone wants to make a difference.  When speaking of the volunteer support being offered by the Nulli team, a colleague recently stated, “I’m proud to be a part of Nulli, we have demonstrated our commitment to each other and to the community that we share so well”.

Nulli Team in High River

This has been a significant learning experience for all of us whether we have been impacted directly or indirectly; some of us have learned how to help while others have learned how to accept help.  The experience has been enormously rewarding on both a personal and community scale.  It’s been humbling to witness the wonderful things that people are capable of when faced with adversity and to support them in the process.

Nulli honours its’ commitment to community, its’ values and lives up to its’ namesake
– of truly being ‘Second to None’.

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