Nulli Paints The Town

Barbara Gosling 14/09/2012

Yesterday, we had a Nulli Day “Painting the Town”.  It was a “feel good” day, lots of sun, laughs, appreciation and caring; a day away from the office; a day amongst great people.  Thank you to everyone at Nulli who were able to participate.  Mrs. K. was so happy and thankful to now have a freshly painted home to welcome her family and friends. Take a look at my pictures! and  Look at even better pictures from Volunteer Calgary!

The City of Calgary City Links is an amazing program of giving, helping low income seniors live in their homes safely and securely while providing a safe and supportive work environment for men and women facing barriers to employment.  Volunteer Calgary helps as well through their “Paint The Town” initiative where companies like Nulli can have a great day painting the exterior of a senior’s home.

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