OAM Identity XML (IDXML) via XMLHttpRequest


It makes sense that the ideal HTTP Client for IDXML processing is the authenticated user’s browser. After all, it already has the ObSSOCookie.

JQuery is the Javascript library of choice for all my client work lately. You can see why in the following example of processing an IDXML request via Javascript straight from the client. The use cases for this capability are endless.

This is the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg’ in utilizing OAM Identity in a modern web development context. The end result: Perfectable user experiences based on data and services made available and secured through OAM’s web based configuration tools. It’s a powerful combination.

Lets take a simple create user workflow request and turn out a simple Javascript templating function to build the string for us:

Then, if we prep a little data object with values (presumably pulled from the user interface):

I can call my template and consider my soap envelope ready to go:

All over but the sending (and response handling): 

Cool, no?

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