OAS 10.1.4 Installation Hangs

Dave Bennett 08/07/2009

I was installing OAS today as I needed to use OID for an OAM deployment.

I had a brand new linux vm, all of the pre-installation check list items (kernel tuning et al) were complete and all that was left was to install the software. So, I ran the installer. It ran very, very slowly but still ran. It eventually just hung when it got down to actually copying files. There was no failure message in the log file, it just seemed to be paused. The installer appeared to still be running but nothing was happening. Being the glutton for punishment I am, I deleted everything and re-ran the installer and was met with the same result (big surprise).

I scoured metalink, but to no avail so I started poking around though and found a completely obscure line in the /etc/hosts file. The DNS server had the IP address of the new vm right, but the /etc/hosts file contained an Internet addressable IP for the new vm (weird). Anyway, removing that line and trying again corrected the problem. I probably should have checked that first; next time I will.

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