OID Connector

Dave Bennett 01/04/2014

I installed the OID Connector and configured an OID resource for it. I tried to run the OU Lookup Reconciliation job but it always ended with an error “Failed: Error message can not be retrieved.” It was not immediately obvious what the problem was but upon reviewing the log files an error was noted.  The error is

[LDAP: error code 32 – No Such Object]; remaining name ‘dc=companydc=com’

The problem is immediately obvious from the error. There is no comma between the dc=company and dc=com parts of the base context. The comma is however, present in the resource configuration.

The Oracle OID Connector documentation specifies the following.

The example of single base context contains double quotes. But the note for a multilevel base context says that each base context must be specified within double quotes. This sentence implies that a single base context does not require double quotes when (sigh) indeed it does.

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