One Bad Mapper Can Spoil the Whole Bunch (if you’re not careful)

Dave Bennett 22/07/2008

Creating a mapping file for OVD to use on inbound and/or outbound LDAP transactions can sometimes be tricky to get absolutely correct the first time. Invariably, the message

               Could not complete mapping

is bound to show up at least once when you are trying something new.

When a mapping file is broken it can cause a variety of problems, but most notably if your adapters for authentication are using other unrelated mappers it can cause them to fail, resulting in failed authentication. So for instance if you are working on a mapper for one object you could prevent other users from authenticating. This pitfall can be easily avoided, however, using the OVD Filters to Exclude and Filters to Include fields on the routing tab of the adapters tab in OVD Manager. For instance by exluding (objectclass=inetorgperson) from an adapter that presents site data you can prevent an authentication search request from even attempting the adapter, thus insulating you and other development users from such a problem.

However, what if you cannot authenticate to the OVD Manager console to correct a broken mapper or add a routing filter to an adapter? I had one case where I could not authenticate even as cn=admin do the OVD Manager becuase of a broken adapter. The solution to this is simple; just remove the compiled mapper jar file from the OVD Server directory. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. stop ovd
  2. remove bad mapper ($VDE_DIR/mappings/jars/offendingMappingFile.jar)
  3. start ovd
  4. log into the OVD Manager and fix the source of the problem
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