Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 Enterprise Deployment

Roland Davis 07/12/2012

Oracle has just released an updated version of its Identity Management 11.1.2 Enterprise Deployment Blueprint and I must say, this is tremendous effort from Oracle to fill in some of the gaps in its documentation.  It is nice to have a single place to go to for the steps that are required for setting up OAM and OIM to work together in a clustered, highly available design.

There were a few things that I found interesting in this blueprint.  First, Oracle has changed their stance on having OIM and OAM in the same domain.  I have always wanted to keep the domains for OIM and OAM separate but previously, if you were going to integrate OIM and OAM together, they needed to be in the same domain.  I also found it interesting that they didn’t put OIM and SOA in one cluster, but rather separated them out into 2 clusters.  Also of note, I have been recommending that customers run the Unix version of Node Manager versus the Java version of Node Manager.  It is interesting to me that this Blueprint uses the Java version so that Node Manager communication is validated by the use of certificates.  For those customers that are highly security aware, that is certainly a reason to use the Java based Node Manager over the UNIX version.

Overall, this is a must read for any customer that is deploying OIM and/or OAM 11gR2.  I would really like Oracle to continue with this blueprint and add in things like setting up Enterprise Manager for Logging, BI Publisher for Auditing, and how to promote configurations between environments.  Keep up the good work and thanks Oracle for a well written Blueprint!

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