Panels in User Manager’s Employees tab

Sandeep Chaturvedi 11/02/2009

Panel tabs in OAM, how are they used?

The “Employees” tab of user manager can have multiple panels in it:

  • The defaultPanel
  • The Header Panel
  • The Search Results panel
  • Any other user defined panels

The header panel, the defaultPanel and any user defined panels appear under “obpanelid=Employees, obapp=userservcenter, o=Oblix,<Config Base>” in the LDAP as “obpanelid=<some timestamp as ID>”.

The header panel has its obpaneltype value as “headerPanel”.

The value of “defaultPanel” for obpaneltype is for the default user profile panel. The user can change its name from “defaultPanel” to any other value, but the obpaneltype remains “defaultPanel”.

Ever wondered what the third panel type, obpaneltype of jCardPanel? Its the panel for the search results!

Just because it does not show up as a “panel” on Identity System console can sometimes create confusion. For example when once because of some buggy horizontal migration, we eneded up with two objects with obpaneltype=jCardPanel and any change we attepted on the user manager tab profile, resulted in the error “This panel is already configured”. From the Identity System console we could not see any duplicate panel information, it was only when we looked closely in LDAP, we saw two objects with obpaneltype=jCardPanel. Once we deleted the un-needed object and restarted ois server, things started working.

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