Properties file does not have correct key-value format.


While trying to create a DIP ( profile for Database Import using manageSyncProfiles command from ../Oracle_IDM1/bin,  I was getting the following error.  

[[email protected] bin]$ ./manageSyncProfiles register -h localhost -p 7005 -D weblogic -f
Properties file does not have correct key-value format.

Product specifications:


Operating System:

I tried this on OEL 5-64 bit and on Solaris 9 – 64 bit


As per the error message above in bold, the .properties file does not have correct key-value format.   Hence, I checked the properties to make sure all property values and their syntaxes defined are correct.  Nothing looked wrong with the file.

Environment variables ORACLE_HOME and WL_HOME were all set.  


  • tried removing all content from the file and made it empty.  However, when I executed the above register command, it again gave the same error.  
  • tried deleting the .properties file from ../conf to check if the file was ever being read.  This time it gave me a different error  “File is not existing or not readable.”  Looks like the file was being read. 

After some trial and error, it was found that the reason for this error was quite simple and had nothing to do with the content of properties file.  


Instead of giving “-f” in the register command, give full path to file.  

The correct command for registering a DIP profile would be

[[email protected] bin]$ ./manageSyncProfiles register -h localhost -p 7005 -D weblogic  -f /u01/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_IDM1/ldap/odi/conf/


Hope this helps somebody out there facing a similar issue.

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