Repatriating IT Skills – Now is the time

Derek Small 19/04/2013

The following news article published in the Globe and Mail prompted me to write about the perception of IT Outsourcing as discussed with me by Information Technology professionals employed by companies in India, Canada and the United States.

India’s IT outsourcing giant Wipro takes aim at Canada Add to …
The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Mar. 13 2013, 5:59 PM EDT
Last updated Thursday, Mar. 14 2013, 1:49 PM EDT   

Interesting article and very telling with regards to how business and government globally need to consider IT Outsourcing and impacts it has on community, country and long-term viablility of the knowlege based economy.  

It is also telling that he views, correctly I think, that university grads need to be brought up to speed on application of technology beyond the academic training delivered in Canada.   This highlights the concern that is facing most companies here in North America of having shipped our knowledge and expertise base offshore to the cheapest labour source, we have now a steep path to climb to bring this knowledge back onshore and localized for use where it is needed daily.    His sending grads to India for 6 mths training used to be the other way around not 15 years ago.  It is more then just the indoctrination of the WiPro methodology, it is to give them practical experience with IT technology which isn’t’ readily available here as companies (other then Nulli) are afraid to invest in their people due to the fear of poaching and more importantly the cost to their bottom line in the eyes of shareholders and the management accountants that mostly have run corporations over the past 20 years.

I heard him speak last year at Oracle OpenWorld where he clearly indicated that the world would need to work with WiPro in the area of IT since the world had lost the knowledge that WiPro had cultivated and grown and now sold back to the companies at increasing cost and with lower productivity.  The latter was shielded from companies here since the premise was, I am getting 3 workers doing the same job as one of mine for the same price as one therefore I am better off since I am getting a 3 for 1 deal.

Anyway, it is worth a paper of thought for certain.   WiPro needs to continue to grow markets like Canada to allow for it to continue to leverage the model that worked in the past and is now loosing appeal as results are not there and governments, read USA, are creating incentives for companies to repatriate the skill economy to America…..

Just a few quick thoughts.

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