Resources Missing After Upgrade

Dave Bennett 21/12/2010

It is unlikely that many will have this problem, but if you do this could save some time and headache troubleshooting…

When you upgrade from 7.x to the resources on policy domains and policies go missing. It appears that the only known fix for this is to manually recreate this data using the UI after the upgrade.

The other approach would be to proactively take them out of the directory server before you do the upgrade and then simply add them back afterward.

The resources themselves are still there after the upgrade. All that is really missing is the pointer from the resource action object to the resource.

These can be found by performing an ldapsearch with the following criteria:

This will return all of the objects that have this value set.

After the upgrade run the same search and compare the results. Those values should be missing. If so, prepare an LDIF file to update the entries.

An LDIF entry to fix the missing obResourceID could take this form…

replace the tags with the appropriate value for your environment based on the LDIF you extracted.

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