Searching for OAM 11gR2 reports for BI Publisher

Roland Davis 05/12/2012

Back in the days of OAM 10g there was a set of 13 standard reports that Oracle made available for BI Publisher.  These old reports can be found at  I am now on the search for reports for OAM 11gR2.  There are signs of hope, Oracle’s license for OAM includes a Restricted Use License for BI Publisher.

In addition to the license, there is an Oracle Technical presentation on OAM 11gR2 that states that reports are generated via Oracle BI Publisher, so the trail is certainly getting warmer.

Looking at the documentation for OAM, the reports are said to be out of the box and included in a file called AuditReportTemplate.jar yet searching for this file on an 11gR2 system that has both BI Publisher and OAM 11gR2 on it has turned up nothing.

Looks like the Oracle documentation on this needs to be updated.  The reports are actually called and are installed by default in $MW_HOME/oam/server/reports.

Happy reporting!

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