Simplifying COREid Identity System Menus

Rob Jackson 25/04/2006

A common request for COREid customization is removing unused menu options in the User Manager, Group Manager, and Org. Manager applications (like Create User Identity, Deactivated User Identities, Configuration, etc).

Some of these customization tasks can be achieved by defining custom user types in obnavigation.xml, avoiding the need for XSL customization.

Unwanted menu options can be removed from a user type or multiple user types can be defined. Choosing one of these defined user types can be done in the following manners (in order of increasing weight):

  1. Set the default userType in obnavigation.xml
  2. Define an action to pass an attribute or value from the Access System containing the name of the user type as a header variable (named HTTP_OBLIX_USER_TYPE by default)
  3. Add a userType=[name] query string parameter to any URL within the User Manager, Group Manager, or Org. Manager

Note: userTypes are different from Styles in COREid, and customizations to each will function independently from the other.

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