Speaking with ForgeRock’s CEO at RSA 2012

Derek Small 12/03/2012

I met with Lasse Andresen, CEO of ForgeRock while at RSA and was really pleased to have had the opportunity to catch-up with him on all things ForgeRock.

The big news was that ForgeRock has secured $7 million of Series “A” funding from Accel Partners of Palo Alto, California, USA. I see this as yet another vote of confidence for the direction that ForgeRock is leading the Identity and Access Management (IAM) community.

I spoke to Lasse about how Nulli continues to see the ForgeRock OpenDJ and OpenAMproducts as highly reliable and easy to deploy solutions for our customers.   The subscription based license model has been extremely well received and is one of many differentiators that ForgeRock offers its’ partners and clients.

… another vote of confidence for the direction that ForgeRock is leading the Identity and Access Management community

We then spoke about Nulli’s recent success with rapidly deploying Single Sign On (SSO) based on complex access policies using out of the box features of OpenAM and OpenDJ.  I recounted for Lasse how the Nulli team found working with the ForgeRock products a real pleasure.  They were able to rapidly extend the OpenAM product with a custom code snippet that enhanced the access security policy being deployed.  This minor enhancement enabled our client to provided their customers with a highly secure sign-on process for their big data multi-tenanted cloud application. 

Lasse and I spoke about  ForgeRock’s partnership with Radiant Logic and how we at Nulli see it as providing a winning formula for our mutual customers.  It allows identity architects to use  a virtual directory to consolidate disparate identity stores using the Radiant Logic Virtual DIrectory.   Combining a virtual directory with the strength of the OpenAM SSO features means identity architects can readily deploy IAM for both internal and cloud-based applications.   IAM architects can leverage existing identity stores such as Human Resources, Purchasing or Contract Administration as well as their CRM application data to provide each application with unique authentication and authorization views to their user populations.   This harmonized view of users means more flexible and more rapidly deployed access management deployments.   The Radiant, Nulli, ForgeRock partnership provides an amazingly cost effective solution without the costly need to deploy a provisioning solution.

As a ForgeRock partner, I really appreciate the personal touch of working directly with Lasse and his team at ForgeRock.  This personal contact allows us to contribute to product strategy and to assist our mutual customers achieve their identity goals.   Give us a call and see how Nulli can leverage this winning partnership arrangement to assist you with your IAM project.



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