WebGate Installation Error – Access Server you specified is currently down


When you know that it is in fact not down, and you’ve checked that all your WebGate parameters are correct a million times…

The clocks of computers hosting various Oracle Access Manager components must be synchronized to within 75 or fewer seconds of each other. If the clocks are out-of-sync by more than 75 seconds, installation will fail. For installation tasks or whenever you’re attempting to connect, you will receive errors indicating that your Access Server is down if the clocks are not in sync.

Pay particular attention to this in VM environments, where system clocks may not be synchronized as they’re created.

For this and other OAM installation woes, this and other useful nuggets can be found here: http://download-uk.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28196_01/idmanage.1014/b25353/trouble.htm

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