We provide peace of mind

Your customers are entitled to peace of mind knowing that their identity data is theirs to manage and is only the minimum required profile data to securely interact with you. They should be in control of the profile that is used with their account in support of transacting business.

Registering, updating or managing the customer’s identity profile needs to be easy and elegant. The profile for your customer should support the relationship between them, the services or products they seek and you their vendor.

Nulli-designed and deployed identity registration helps you deliver User Managed Access (UMA) within the context of the General Data Protection Requirements, a.k.a. GDPR. Nulli deploys identity relationship management tools that are the foundations for building strong access management policies modeled in a graph database for optimal performance and flexibility.

Simple, seamless, strategic solutions

Nulli has deployed secure profile management for 10s of millions of users, and can apply this experience to support your user identity requirements.

Nulli deploys IAM solutions that give your customer the option to use their social profiles to create account profiles with your organization from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google and others.

Nulli integration of the Neo4j graph database can provide you with enhanced value, based on the visualization of the relationships your customers have to each other and to the services they are accessing.

Nulli understands how these approaches and more are important for providing identity user profile data that is secure and accurate.

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