Internet of Things needs Identity of Things

Nulli has been leading the development and deployment behind the successful securing of Every thing that has an internet presence or network presence. Modelling identity relationships between Identities of humans, devices, and processes, we then deploy this model using Neo4j and ForgeRock.

  • Are you architecting an edge computing solution for your identity and IoT deployment?
  • How is your organization securing the Cloud-Edge-Device circle of trust in your IoT architecture?
  • Have you looked at securing microservices in your identity infrastructure?
  • Are you concerned with keeping counterfeit or imposter products out of your IoT deployment model?
  • Are you in the know about protecting your user population’s identity when accessing your IoT services?

Nulli has shown that modeling the relationship between human identities, machine identities and process identities is the key to a successful, secure and scalable access management deployment. Permission is granted or denied based on the relationship between the human, the service and the device. “The relationship is the policy.”

We’re on the leading edge of Edge Process Security

Nulli is the leading integrator with hands-on experience and expertise working with the ForgeRock Identity Edge Controller. The IEC gives your IoT deployment the secure “edge” you need to connect constrained devices to backend IAM systems and the cloud. Talk to us about our experience in this emerging realm of IoT security.

You have thought long about the value proposition you are offering and the associated revenue stream for your (IoT) deployed devices. Nulli has worked on the innovations required to readily manage and secure access to and from your device matrix and can provide your team the expertise to achieve the same.

Nulli has worked closely with client hardware engineers during their product development stages as well as with the ForgeRock team with their software development. Our innovative approach and expertise has been integral to the overall success of our Identity of Things and IoT security model.

Access Security

Do you know who is accessing your devices? Do you know the device you are accessing is authentic vs. counterfeit?
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Graph Databases

Defining policy through relationships drives access. “The relationship is the authorization policy.” Nulli GraphDB integrations for ForgeRock and Neo4j make it happen.
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Device Registry

Security of an IoT deployment requires visibility of device identities and their relationship to humans, services and other devices within your domain.
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Edge Computing Security

Securing the authenticity of constrained devices deployed while managing relationship centric authorization with other devices, humans and processes.
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Getting deployed fast is key to market positioning in IoT. Nulli brings secure ready to deploy containerized, scalable identity access management to get you moving.
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